Quality medical treatment overseas - let us be your guide

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Dental Treatment Vietnam

Westcoast International Dental Clinic is an International group of dentists in Vietnam who share a vision to provide leading dental care for people coming from overseas. At the clinic you will find the latest services and techniques combined with a gentle Asian approach to dental care.

There are many advantages to having your dental treatment done whilst in Vietnam. If you are considering teeth whitening, implants, veneers, dentures, crowns, bridges, a root canal, mouth-guards, bite-splints or any other dental treatment, you can rely on Westcoast to treat you at the standard you deserve. They offer high quality dental treatment for a fraction of the fees seen in Australia, NZ, North America, Europe, and other Asian countries. Your savings will pay for your holiday!

Westcoast’s dedicated staff of highly trained dentists is equipped with some of the most advanced medical equipment available. They adhere to all Western healthcare standards and specialise in overseas and international patients with limited time and busy schedules. No matter how long your stay in Vietnam, you can be confident that the care and advice you receive from Westcoast is delivered by skilled gentle dentists who are up to date on the most recent developments in treatment and technology.

First step

You need to contact Global Health Travel and Register your Interest with your enquiry. We will give you more information about your specific needs. It is very useful to have access to your dental x-rays, images and past dental history. If you can’t send us the information, we may ask you for photos or send you to your local dentist to gather more information. It will depend on the nature of your enquiry. 

Second step

After we receive all information, your Patient Case Manager we will prepare a Dental Travel Package Quote including flights, transfers, accommodation and the dental specialists recommendations for treatment. We will also be ready to give you a realistic cost estimate for treatment. After you give us you final decision on the treatment, your Patient Travel Coordinator will assist you in logistics for your stay in Vietnam. Our team will be happy to assist you if you need support to get your travel documents, VISA and travel insurance.  At this point, we will ask you for a Patient Case Management Fee to confirm your visit. 

Third step

You arrive in Vietnam!  You will proceed with your treatment following the schedule we previously made. Our dental specialists will tell you upfront if there will be changes in the initial diagnostics. During the entire treatment, youe will treated with the highest standard of care.

After the dental intervention

Following the treatment, the clinic will prepare essential information for how to take care of your new smile. We will then stay in close touch once you are home to help you with any questions you have.  We will also be happy to support you with any documentation you may need.